I am a GIS expert trying to find my niche in the world of spatial technology. Brought up in the small city of Pune, I completed my graduation from the ever famous “Oxford of the East” with a major in Geology. Like every other student struggling to find their professional calling, I stumbled upon the career of GIS during my final year by looking at a piece of article stuck on our department’s notice board. Can you believe it! I let the notice board decide my career path:). Anyhow, this led me onto acquiring my Masters in the field of Geoinformatics and venturing into the magical world of spatial technology.

I have around 6 years of experience as a GIS analyst with the skills of map building, spatial analytics, project management and building publications. So far, my journey has included working ¬†with non-profit organizations to help them utilize this technology to create advancements in the field of public healthcare delivery and demographic monitoring. Presently I am working with a corporate house engaged in the application of LiDAR technology and 360 degree panoramic imagery…Cool huh!!!